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Duck Egg Washing Machine

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Duck Egg Washing Machine


Egg Washing Series

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MT-106-8R Duck egg cleaning machine

Full automatic cleaning, special brush, Transverse brushing, egg conveyor in water, save labor forces.



(a) egg conveyor in water, save labor forces, improve efficiency;

(b) Special nylon brush, good flexible, wearable, clean, fast;

(c)Made of 304 stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, beautiful and practical;



(a) six-rows conveyor: The eggs poured into the sink, six rows of the whole column to the next process;

(b)high-pressure spray: high-pressure water spray;

(c)brush cleaning: Egg in the process of transmission to maintain rotation, horizontal multi-root brush on the eggs in all directions cleaning;

(d)collecting sink: After cleaning eggs directly into the water tank then egg frame collection;

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Egg Washing and Grading Max. Capacity 60k

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