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Egg Grader Max. Capacity 60k per hour

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Egg Grader Max. Capacity 60k per hour


Egg Grading Series

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Min-Tai egg grading and packing machine is connected to customer’s eggs central collection system or egg tray auto loader, it can be coupled with egg washing, drying, UV Disinfection, oil coating, egg candling, etc. The capacity can reach 120,000 eggs per hour.



a) The whole transport: eggs by the central collection of eggs transported to the whole table, in the orderly arrangement of the whole egg, the delivery to the next process;

b) Adjustment: the direction of the adjustment system can automatically adjust the size of the first egg to the same direction, in order to keep the egg after the nursery into the bulk up to ensure the freshness of eggs;

c) The weight grading: weighing system for each egg weighing, the system will automatically record the weight and quantity to be allocated to the different levels of mounting Road;

d) The transmission system: the egg after weighing by a separate mechanical arm shuttle to the main drive track, from entering the system, each egg are running independently to avoid collisions with each other to produce damage;

e) Egg equipment: entrainment of the egg with the mechanical arm to reach the designated installation Road after the opening of the robot arm, egg products fall into the egg with a flexible bucket, and then subsidence to the egg care;

f) Egg tray delivery: according to the actual use of the site, egg tray delivery can be divided into two kinds of automatic and manual;

g)The finished product delivery: after installation of the egg by the conveyor belt output by manual or automatic palletizing;

h) The control system: machine operating parameters set and operation can be controlled through the touch screen, and can be different levels of egg statistics, as well as testing the working status of the system;


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