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MINTAI automatic egg washing grading packing machine we manufacture from the capacity 30,000eggs/h to 60,000eggs/h. MINTAI egg sorter packer machine is a good solution for farm or egg processing plants,with the Characters of simple,safety,reliable ,economic and durable.

Full -automatic egg cleaner grader packer machine ,are mainly used for clean egg processing, after egg washing, spraying disinfection,drying, printing,oiling, grading and auto packing etc technology processing, the cleaned egg surface are sanitary, has a longer shelf life, greatly improving the quality and safety of fresh eggs.


a) Auto gently adjustment the big side up of all eggs with rubber materials;

b) Each egg are real individual transported and handling;

c) High efficiency clean each egg well with special design, would not cause second polution between eggs;

d)After egg cleaning, eggs are dried well ,would not demage the quality of eggs or egg breakage;

e)With special system of egg oiling ,all the egg surface can be oiling evenly.

f) Easy for replacement spare parts if needed, minimize your downtime.

g)Maximize minimizing machine turns, reduce the rate of egg breakage.

h) Touch screen operation, can be set to different levels of weight, up to 7classes;

i) Suitable for 6*5=30 paper trays or plastic trays,and special size 3*5,3*6,2*6,2*5 of trays.

j) you can choose automatic dispatch tray or manual dispatch;


Technical parameters

Model MT101-3
Function Washing grading packing eggs
Capacity 25,000-30,000 eggs/hour
/ 60,000eggs/h
Size(L*W*H) 20.75M*7.9M*2.0M
Power 35KW,380V,50HZ / 60HZ
Application Fresh hen eggs or duck eggs

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