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Small farm egg packer machine

Short Description:

Mintai small farm egg packer machine is widely used in chicken (or duck) farms and egg processing plants. If you have other demands, it can be equipped with egg washer ,egg dryer, candling, or egg grader together. Reduce labor costs. It is designed with the characteristics of simple,reliable,flexible and robust, easy to use and maintain.

Product Detail

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Advanced MINTAI egg farmpacker , automatical egg packing machine are widely used in chicken (or duck) farms and egg processing plants. Reduce labor costs. It is designed with the characteristics of simple, reliable, flexible and robust, easy to use and clean.
It can be installed with our egg washing, egg candling, egg grader for different need. If you required, we also offer good quality tray stacker and inkjet to be equipped with the egg packer machine.


a) This machine can be connected with eggs central collection system; 

b) It is suitable for different kinds of materials of trays;

c) It is gently packing eggs automatically, while adjusting the big head up, good to egg storage;

d) Touch screen operation, can be choose different kinds of trays for using;

e)The speed of machine can be adjusted, and the speed of egg feeding can be adjusted too;

f) You can choose automatic dispatch trays or manual dispatching;


a) Accumulator: Eggs are transported to the accumulator table by the central collection belt eggs, in the orderly arrangement of the whole egg, the incoming flow of eggs are controlled by sensor to prevent an oversupply;

b) Egg adjustment: The machine will keep eggs in the same direction, the big side up, that can ensure the freshness of eggs;

c) Egg packing equipment: Egg are perfectly and gently placed into trays by an egg present sensor, applied for different specifications of materials egg trays;

d) Egg tray delivery: According to the actual situation, egg tray can be divided into two kinds of automatically or manually dispatching tray.

e) The finished product delivery: After installation of eggs then transported by the conveyor, it can collection by manual or automatic palletize;(If use tray stacker,it can be set to different the amount of trays, such as stacking 2/4/6.)

3. Technical parameters

Model MT-110-2S
Function Farmpacking
Capacity 25,000-30,000 eggs/hour
Size(L*W*H) 5750MM*2900MM*1100M
Power 0.45KW,(220V,50HZ) or customized
Application Fresh hen eggs or duck eggs

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