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  • stainless steel made quail egg boiling and peeling machine
    Automatic quail egg boiling and shelling production line

    MT-206A Automatic quail egg peeling production line with quail eggs low-temperature immersion, spiral boiled eggs, low temperature cooling, crushing shell, shelling, halogen system as a whole, and this small type quail egg boiling and shelling machine in accordance with process requirements, supporting drying, packaging and other functions.

  • carbon iron egg grading machine
    Mechanical egg grading machine of 10000 egg/hour

    Mechanical egg grading machine: Characteristic:mechanical grading eggs accurate by weight,5 classes Model:MT-108A egg graing machine capacity:8000-10000 eggs/hour L*W*H:4000*3200*1100MM Power:1KW suitable for:fresh chicken eggs, fresh duck eggs

  • stainless steel duck washing machine
    2 Conveyor duck eggs washing and candling machine

    Characteristic:duck egg candling machine with special brush,2 rows cleaning, candling to pick up the broken eggs and cracked eggs Model:MT-106-D1 duck egg cleaning candling machine Capacity:18000-20000 eggs/hour L*W*H:10300*1600*2100MM Power:2.0KW suitable for:fresh duck eggs,mud eggs,salted eggs

  • 122019-09
    Hope to meet you at VIV Qingdao

    Welcome you to visit our egg grader packer machine in VIV Qingdao,it will be held in Qingdao(World Expo Center) from Sep.19th-21th,2019. Our booth No: S4G108. There will be egg packer machine shown in our booth, also welcome to discuss the details of the Mintai egg grading machine,egg washing machine,egg breaking machine,egg boiling peeling machine etc. Look forward to meeting you.

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  • 152019-04
    2019 China Animal Husbandry Exhibition

    The 17th (2019)China Animal Husbandry Exhibition will be held in Wuhan international expo center on May 15th-18th, 2019.Welcome you to visit our egg processing machine.Our booth No:BW07 of Poultry machinery exhibition area. There will be egg farmpacker machine showing in our booth,also we will introduce and show you our egg grader,egg washing machine,egg shelling machine,egg breaking machine or eg...

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  • 012018-11
    Hatching egg chicken egg packing machine for the egg tray of 42 hole

    Hatching egg chicken egg packing machine is suitable for the egg tray of 42 holes,whatever plastic tray or pulp tray. The capacity of the machine is 25 000 eggs/h,it can be equipped together with egg grader if you required. Mintai egg grading packing machine, it will help you to save large labour cost and take you more profit. Please contact us for more details. Email:

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  • 292018-11
    Welcome you to visit 2018 VIV Show in Nanjing

    FUZHOU MIN TAI MACHINERY CO.,LTD will be the exhibitor in 2018 VIV Show in Nanjing City, China. It will be held from Sep.17-Sep.19. We welcome the new and old customers to visit our booth,booth No.4B101. One of our main products of egg packing machine will be show and operated at our booth.Besides,we also manufacture and offer egg washing machine,egg shelling machine,egg grading machine,egg breaki...

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  • 032018-02
    2018 Chinese Spring Festival holiday

    Dear all customer and friends, There is coming the Chinese Spring Festival holiday of 2018. Thanks for your support and trust choosing our MIN-TAI, our holiday is from 14TH,Frebuary  to  22nd,Frebuary, total 9 days. You can send your requirey and problems about machine anytime , we will reply you as soon as possible. thank you very much and hope all the best for you ! Happy new year!

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  • 132017-12
    Soft boiled egg production line of Chia Tai Group in China is in delivery

    After 4 months production, the soft boiled egg production are finished and in delivery today ! It is really the excting moment. 4 trucks are ready for customer factory. We FUZHOU MIN- TAI MACHINERY CO.,LTD is the only factory and manufacturer can make the soft boiled egg production line and marinating egg boiling and peeling production line in China.Even Sanovo still can not make marinated eggs. L...

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  • 232017-06
    The 8th Laying Hens Industry Development Conference 2017

    From 22nd -23rd June, the 8th Laying Hens Industry Development Conference 2017 was held in HANDAN HEBEI province. We Fuzhou Min-Tai Machinery CO.,LTD also join it. 1, the theme forum The meeting intends to invite industry leaders, focus on the development of laying hens industry experts, scholars, well-known entrepreneurs and related people, around the development of China's chicken industry statu...

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  • 232017-05
    2017 China International Animal Husbandry Expo

    The 15th (2017) China Animal Husbandry Expo and 2017 China International Animal Husbandry Expo held in Qingdao International Expo Center for three days (5.18-5.20) Fuzhou Min-Tai Machinery Co., Ltd. as the leader in domestic egg processing equipment, our booth: Exhibition W1 booth WJ09-WJ12. Our MT-110-3Z automatic egg packing machine and MT-110-2S egg packing machine are on show. They are suitabl...

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  • 222017-02
    In the year of 1964

    Fengzhou joint-stock Enterprise Co., Ltd was built in 1964 in TAIWAN At that time the main service object, only limited to the agricultural area of the South. Under the leadership of Mr. Zhang, chairman of the board, the business continues to expand, the products are sold at home and abroad mainland, Southeast Asia and around the world.

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  • 212017-02
    In the year of 2005

    In September of 2005, China first salted egg washing and grading machine made by Min Tai machinery, it was put into production of our first customer is Red Sun Food Co., Ltd. in Gaoyou city of JiangSu province.       MT-100-1 Egg cleaning and grading machine Egg cleaning machine mainly use to clean eggs, after cleaning, disinfection, drying, oiling process, egg surface is clean, the...

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  • 232017-02
    In the year of 2006

    In November of 2006, we made the first quail egg shelling machine in China, the first egg shelling machine was born in Fujian and Taiwan, let people to know the "cooked eggs" available peeling by machines ! MT-206 quail egg peeling machine Quail egg peeling machine is a kind of special equipment for cooked quail egg shelling, suitable for quail egg processing users. 1、characteristics: a)special qu...

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  • 212017-02
    In the year of 2007

    In December of 2009, Min Tai invented China first set of "boiled egg cooking and peeling production line", it was put into production with our customer Alang Food Co., Ltd in Hebei province. MT-201 egg boiling and shelling production line egg boiling and shelling production line is our Min Tai company independent research and development product, the production line set of automatic optical inspec...

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