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Summary of September Exhibition

In this Fair, we prepare two machines in our booth.

Egg grading and packing machine

Item No.: MT-101-3
Name: Egg grading and packing machine
Main Parameter
1. Capacity: 25000-30000 egg per hour
2. Connect with central collection line or egg washing production line
3. Grading the eggs by weight and loaded automaticaly, adjust the big head ahead, benefit for storage.
4. LCD touch screen,easy to set different grades’ weight.
5. Suitable for 30 eggs paper tray or plastic tray.
6. Automatic denester or Semi-automatic denester

MT-101 Egg grading and packing machine is designed to meet the “rocketed“ demands of efficiency and food health in egg processing. Highly teaming up with our customers makes our machines more popular in the market, and help us more successful. Optional configuration can be added as there are versatile modular system. Suitable for egg packing stations and poultry egg farm. Got lots of interesting during the Fair.

Farm Packer

MT-110S Egg packing machine, also named as farm packer. It can handle with 25000-30000 egg per hour. Very popular in layers farm. Connect the central collection line directly, loaded the eggs automatically, decrease the workload.

This machines have sold more than 200 pieces, you can find our machines nearly every province of China. We can arrange the visiting at any time. Never return back. Many customer inquiry it during the Fair.

VIV Qingdao 2020

This Fair we also showed our farm packer in our booth. As the Covid-19 still spread all over the world, customers from abroad could not have a time to visit this Fair. But we still got many visiting.

May we meet in Next CHINA ANIMAL HUSBANDRY EXPO and VIV Qingdao 2021.

Post time: Sep-24-2020