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Join us in the 19th Animal Husbandry Expo in Nanchang

The 19th(2021) Animal Husbandry Expo will be held from May18 to May20 at Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center. Our booth: No.6B14.in B6 hall of Poultry Machinery Area. Looking forward to see you then.

In this fair,Fuzhou Min-tai Machinery Co.,Ltd. will show the products of egg grading packing machine,egg grader packer machine, hatching egg grader packer.

This machine can be connected with central egg collection belt or egg loader system, optional washing/dry-brush, drying, UV disinfection, oiling and other devices. After the egg sorter packer treatment, eggs are healthy and beautiful, providing consumers with healthy eggs.   

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Optional Function:

The mode of egg loader

It can be connected with egg central egg collection belt, vacuum egg lifter or egg loader system.

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Egg washing:

Special design brushes, well cleaning egg, brush speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion.

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Egg drying: washed eggs are blow-dried in low temperature by multiple air nozzle.

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UV disinfection

Disinfect eggs by UV sterilization treatment.

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Oil coating

Use the mode of like fog spraying oil, uniform oil application, with oil mist recovery device, saving cost.

news427 (8)Candling

workers can pick up cracked eggs, broken eggs and other inferior eggs with the special light.

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Grading eggs by weight ,meanwhile, keep big head of egg upside.

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Egg packing machine

The poultry eggs packing into trays automatically after grading. 

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Post time: Apr-27-2021