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How to raise laying hens in Winter?

How to raise laying hens to keep good laying rate in Winter?

Firstly ,it requires to keep the temperature range of 8-27℃for hen house.the suitable temperature of 13-24℃. Too high or too low temperature is not conducive for egg production.

The temperature is low for outside in Winter, it should improve the temperature of hen house. Taking the measure to keep temperature,such as making fires, blocking the window from the north of hen house etc,usually it should keep the temperature of 8℃.

It is not representive ventilation to block the window in Winter,the hen house is too closed ,there would be generated a great amount of harmful air,chronic respiratory disease of chicken,IBV, infectious laryngitis,rhinitis,coliosis,etc. So,every day, it should open the window for air exchange or run the venting device.

In Winter,it should improve the energy of feed,add more the feed with high energy, such as grease,corn etc. It’s best to use the reasonable complete formula feed.

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Post time: Jan-04-2022