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How to keep the poultry egg to have longer storage?


Eggs are a common food on the table, and they are rich in nutrition and comprehensive. So the method of increasing the storage time of eggs, is it the long storage time in the natural environment or the artificial processing and for it?

According to the results of the comparative test, the results of different treatment methods are also very different. The best treatment method is washing egg at 50 degrees, disinfecting with 301 disinfectant, egg drying, adding uv sterilization sterilization, and finally oil spraying for protective layer. This treatment method can appropriately increase the storage time and bring more benefits to farmers and egg dealers.

  The eggs that we usually buy can also be placed in a way. The big end can also extend the storage time. When the eggs are placed, the preserved eggs will not appear when the eggs are stored upright. Because there is an air chamber at the big end of the egg, even if the egg white becomes scary and the yolk floats up, it will not make the yolk on the shell. This greatly reduces the risk of sticky shell eggs and prolongs the storage time of the eggs.

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So how do you have such a powerful device?

     Fuzhou Mintai Machinery Co., Ltd., this company is focused on manufacturing egg processing equipment, dedicated to improving the quality of egg packing and reducing cross-infection among eggs.

Egg washing grading packing machine


Full automatic egg washing grading packing machine,that mainly used for cleaning eggs processing.After the eggs are laid, with cleaning, UV disinfection, drying, printing, oiling, grading, and automatical packing for fresh egg products processing ; clean egg surface is hygienic, clean, and has a longer time of shelf life, which greatly improves the quality and safety of fresh eggs.

a) The machine can link with egg conveying belt, or egg loading by vacuum egg lifter or auto egg loader system;

b)Special design brush, clean eggs well, the brush speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion;

c) Dry the egg at low temperature in all directions through multiple air nozzles;

d) Mist oiling mode, uniform oiling, with oil mist recovery device, saving cost;

e) Ultraviolet radiation sterilization and sterilization treatment;

f) Independent light inspection, due to special light source, check out the unqualified egg product;

g) Divided eggs into different grades by weight, while keeping orientation all eggs;

h) After grading, the poultry eggs are automatically loaded into trays.

Post time: Oct-18-2021