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How to improve fresh eggs to be more valurable?

Egg washing machine,as the name implies, it is used for washing various kinds of eggs. We can call it chicken egg cleaning machine as well or duck egg washer machine. Then,what’s the advantage of egg washing machine?

Full-auto egg washing machine is in fast speed operation, that including the egg washing ,drying ,UV sterilization ,printing etc and other configurations.  It is one of the prefered egg washing machines by the egg suppliers.Now ,the regular full-auto egg washing capacity is 30,000eggs/h. Fully automatic CNC power:220V/380V.


With accurate grading, the surface of processed egg is tidy and glossy by washing ,drying, uv sterilization ,packing, it is more easier and higher efficiency that connecting with egg packing machine.

The whole set of egg washing machine is made of 304 stainless steel, it can wash fresh chicken eggs, salted eggs or preserved eggs, corrosion resistant, beauty and practical.

As far as we know, the egg washing machine adopts a new type of high-power motor with dynamic power-off protection, which has good heat dissipation performance, will not burn out, and automatically cuts off the motor when the temperature is too high; , No rust, farewell to the trouble of replacing steel balls; the machine washes 30,000 eggs a day, clean and guaranteed zero damage.

Post time: Apr-08-2022