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Fuzhou Mintai Machinery egg peeler machine how to do not to hurt eggs?

Tea eggs, marinated eggs, hard-boiled eggs, etc. that we eat most often need to be peeled, so of course, so many eggs need an egg peeler. So how does Fuzhou Mintai Machinery’s egg sheller do not hurt eggs? I believe many people are very curious about this.
Everyone must have eaten eggs, whether they are fried or boiled, they are very delicious. But eggshells, especially those that have not been cooked, are very thin and fragile.
However, the use of eggs in the food produced in food factories is still very high. No matter you are making cakes and other pastries, egg noodles and other staple foods, or some snacks like preserved meat and egg rolls, you need to use eggs.
In fact,the season why the egg peeling machine of Fuzhou Mintai Machinery does not hurt the eggs is because it uses a special roller,which does not hurt the egg and is durable.
The egg shell is automatically sent out and cleaned easily; the automatic feeding and discharging, saving labors; the machine is easy to clean and easy to move.
The above are some of the features of Fuzhou Min-tai machinery egg sheller, I believe it has solved the mystery in everyone’s mind. Yes, the egg peeling machine of Fuzhou Min-tai Machinery is so amazing.

Post time: Jun-30-2020