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Do eggs go bad easily after being washed by egg washer?

The appearance of the egg washing machine has brought great help to our life, effectively solving the problems of efficiency, disinfection, quality and so on, but many people will have a question, after using the egg washing machine to clean, will the shelf life of the eggs be Shorter? Tell everyone the answer is no, not only no, but also extended its storage time. why would you said this? 

egg washing machine

The equipment process of the egg washing machine includes cleaning, drying, oil spraying, coding, ultraviolet sterilization, candling, and electronic grading. Untreated eggs generally have a shelf life of 45 days at 2 to 7°C. However, after the logistics and production links, the storage temperature may be different, and the shelf life may be different. Some eggs that have been exposed to room temperature may go bad in 15 days.
After cleaning, UV sterilizing and oiling by egg washer, the eggs will be kept longer, which is about 30% to 50% longer. Generally, it can be stored for one month at a temperature of 2 to 7 °C. Therefore, the shelf life of cleaned eggs will not only be shortened but also last longer.

Post time: May-17-2022