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MT-110D Hatching egg grader packer machine

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Hatching egg grading and packing machine for hatching egg or fresh egg, it can automatic grade egg then packing in one machine.

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Hatching egg grading and packing machine for hatching egg or fresh egg, it can automatic grade egg then packing in one machine.


1) The eggs can be divided into 3 classes by eggs weight;

2) Can keep all eggs big sides up, small sides down in the egg trays;

3) Automatically dispense trays;

4) Suitable for plastic trays and paper trays of 30 holes or 42 holes.


a) Accumulator: Eggs by the central collection belt eggs transported to the whole table, in the orderly arrangement of the whole egg, the incoming flow of eggs are controlled by sensor to prevent an oversupply;

b) Candling: Check eggs with high-quality LED light source, workers can pick up the bad eggs, cracked eggs;

c) Grading:Eggs are graded into 3 classes by weight;

c)Egg adjustment: the machine will keep eggs the same direction, the big side up, that can ensure the freshness of eggs;

d)Egg grading:

e)Egg packing equipment:Eggs are gently placed in the egg trays,suitable plastic tray and paper tray of 30 holes or 42holes.

f) Control system: Through the touch screen operation control, set the equipment production, and in a henhouse under the condition of statistics of each chicken production.

Technical parameters




30,000 eggs/hour






Fresh hen eggs or hatching eggs


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