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  • stainless steel made quail egg boiling and peeling machine
    Automatic quail egg boiling and shelling production line

    MT-206A Automatic quail egg peeling production line with quail eggs low-temperature immersion, spiral boiled eggs, low temperature cooling, crushing shell, shelling, halogen system as a whole, and this small type quail egg boiling and shelling machine in accordance with process requirements, supporting drying, packaging and other functions.

  • carbon iron egg grading machine
    Mechanical egg grading machine of 10000 egg/hour

    Mechanical egg grading machine: Characteristic:mechanical grading eggs accurate by weight,5 classes Model:MT-108A egg graing machine capacity:8000-10000 eggs/hour L*W*H:4000*3200*1100MM Power:1KW suitable for:fresh chicken eggs, fresh duck eggs

  • stainless steel duck washing machine
    2 Conveyor duck eggs washing and candling machine

    Characteristic:duck egg candling machine with special brush,2 rows cleaning, candling to pick up the broken eggs and cracked eggs Model:MT-106-D1 duck egg cleaning candling machine Capacity:18000-20000 eggs/hour L*W*H:10300*1600*2100MM Power:2.0KW suitable for:fresh duck eggs,mud eggs,salted eggs

Fuzhou Min Tai Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, is a joint venture between Fujian and Taiwan specialized in producing egg processing equipment. With the strong scientific and technological strength and rich manufacturing experience, the cooperation partner from Fengzhou joint-stock Enterprise Co., Ltd, has been awarded several times by administration department, economy department and agriculture commission .Min-Tai company innovates the technology from Taiwan to supply better products in domestic market . We founded more than 11 years, Min Tai has rich experience in egg processing equipment manufacturing and continuous technological innovation. It has gained a good reputation for the egg equipment industry based in Min Tai. The products are involved in egg cleaning, grading packing, spiced egg processing and liquid egg processing. , Widely used in aquaculture, food processing, bio-pharmaceutical and other fields.

After years of exploration and development, the company has developed a product with Chinese characteristics, at the same time as the domestic egg processing industry to open a new chapter, we invent the first quail egg sheller machine, the first egg sheller machine, the first set of egg washing production line, the first set of Marinated egg processing line, we keep continuous improve, and the continuous emergence of new products, Min Tai with majority of new and old customers unanimously approved, and give a large degree of experience to support ; Now, Min Tai equipment sold all over the world, we believe that we can make the more professional products to repay our customers!


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